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* NO LONGER DO Mobile and Out Call Massage to your Location.

Text Only – 805-637-7482

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All bodywork is at my Artistic PRO Massage Studio LOCATED in Downtown Santa Barbara at:

827 State St, Suite 20, Santa Barbara, Ca. 93101



























Riktr Pro Massage when I did Out-call clients at the Bacara Resort & Spa in Goleta, Ca. Nicola was honored to do a couple’s Honeymoon massage.


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☞ CONTACT me DIRECTLY - First Time Clients - A Credit Card Non – Refundable Deposit of $25.00 is Required which is applied to your massage time. ☮
☞ CONTACT me DIRECTLY – First-Time Clients – A Credit Card Non – Refundable Deposit of $25.00 is Required which is applied to your massage time. ☮


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Therapeutic Swedish Massage, Sports Massage Therapy in Santa Barbara, Goleta, Ca.

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