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The oceans, lakes, streams, and land are being destroyed by big companies.  We only have one planet and these big Telecom companies are all just profit-motivated!



I like to post interesting articles I read in the WSJ.
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Telecom companies laid them decades ago and thousands were left behind, posing a hidden health hazard today, a WSJ investigation found
AT&T, Verizon, and other telecom giants have left behind a sprawling network of cables covered in the toxic lead that stretches across the U.S., under the water, in the soil, and on poles overhead, a Wall Street Journal investigation found. As the lead degrades, it is ending up in places where Americans live, work, and play.
The lead can be found on the banks of the Mississippi River in Louisiana, the Detroit River in Michigan, the Willamette River in Oregon, and the Passaic River in New Jersey, according to the Journal’s tests of samples from nearly 130 underwater-cable sites, conducted by several independent laboratories. The metal has tainted the soil at a popular fishing spot in New Iberia, La., at a playground in Wappingers Falls, N.Y., and in front of a school in suburban New Jersey.
The U.S. has spent decades eradicating lead from well-known sources such as paint, gasoline, and pipes. The Journal’s investigation reveals a hidden source of contamination—more than 2,000 lead-covered cables—that hasn’t been addressed by the companies or environmental regulators. These relics of the old Bell System’s regional telephone network, and their impact on the environment, haven’t been previously reported.
Lead levels in sediment and soil at more than four dozen locations tested by the Journal exceeded safety recommendations set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. At the New Iberia fishing spot, lead leaching into the sediment near a cable in June 2022 measured 14.5 times the EPA threshold for areas where children play. “We’ve been fishing here since we were kids,” said Tyrin Jones, 27 years old, who grew up a few blocks away.
For many years, telecom companies have known about the lead-covered cables and the potential risks of exposure to their workers, according to documents and interviews with former employees. They were also aware that lead was potentially leaching into the environment, but haven’t meaningfully acted on potential health risks to the surrounding communities or made efforts to monitor the cables.
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