Fancy Ultramarathons Vex Traditionalists

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Fancy Ultramarathons Vex Traditionalists With $11,000 Entry Fees and Private Butlers Long-distance races roll out luxury amenities to tempt runners, confounding traditionalists Danielle Zhao was clawing at rocks and crying as she scrambled up a hillside in the Scottish highlands, battling against her fear of heights to complete her first-ever ultramarathon. One thought kept her going. “I knew that after that I had a nice, nice coffee waiting for me,” said Mrs. Zhao, who competed in the 2022 event alongside her new husband, Ricky Zhao. The hard-running honeymooners were also racing toward a dinner of venison noodles and a couple’s massage.

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The Zhaos are among a new breed of long-distance runners confounding traditionalists. These competitors want the challenge of running across deserts and up mountains over many miles without having to rough it, and are willing to spend thousands of dollars for the privilege. The couple will head back to the Highland Kings luxury ultramarathon again this year, joining up to 40 runners aiming to cover 120 miles over four days. An $11,000 entry fee includes nutritionally tailored food from a Michelin-starred chef, butler service and private sleep pods.

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