Sea Moss Is the Hot New Wellness Ingredient.

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JOURNAL REPORTS: HEALTHCARE Sea Moss Is the Hot New Wellness Ingredient. Does It Live Up to the Hype?

Brands, celebrities and influencers say it has health and beauty benefits. But the evidence is lacking. The start of a new year has brought a new round of diet, nutrition and wellness marketing campaigns—and a hot new ingredient that has grabbed the attention of marketers and consumers. The latest “it” ingredient is sea moss—a type of red algae that has become a viral phenomenon. It is being endorsed by celebrities and online influencers who point to its supposed beauty and health benefits, and brands are rushing to introduce products such as skin-care products and nutritional supplements featuring the plant. On Jan. 4, for instance, reality-TV star Kourtney Kardashian, founder of the wellness brand Lemme, unveiled a $25 sea-moss tincture that its website says “promotes radiant skin and hair,” “supports healthy thyroid function” and “maintains brain health,” among other benefits. “There are a lot of claims, but no one really knows whether or not there’s science behind it,” says registered dietitian Abby Langer. What is sea moss? Sea moss is a generic term used to describe different species of red algae, most notably Irish moss—formally known as Chondrus crispus—harvested along Atlantic coasts in the Americas and Europe. Often, brands use “sea moss” to refer to algae sourced from the Caribbean, although those are usually a genus of red algae called Gracilaria. Historically, Irish moss was prized as a cooking ingredient and for its carrageenan, a gelatinous substance used to thicken foods. One of the first cookbooks published in the U.S. was dedicated solely to the popular algae. “One Hundred New and Original Receipts,” circa 1870 to 1875, included 100 Irish moss recipes for soups, custards, ice creams, medicines and But while sea moss does have nutritional benefits, some scientists say that there isn’t enough research to back up other claims about its usefulness. There isn’t sufficient scientific evidence showing that the ingredient affects your skin or hair, they say, nor that it significantly improves your health.

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