A Happy Memory Can Help You Fall Asleep if You Know How to Use It. Trouble sleeping?


A Happy Memory Can Help You Fall Asleep if You Know How to Use It

Trouble sleeping? Try a technique called savoring, or imagining a positive experience in great detail.

Lying in bed each night, Andy Buelow often finds himself thinking one thought over and over: How awesome it was to ride the ferry across Lake Michigan as a kid.

Mr. Buelow pictures himself back on the ship, imagining the whir of the engines, the smell of steam, the rushing water, and the cold spray on his face.

“When I remember the feeling, I am asleep within minutes,” says Mr. Buelow, 61 years old, the chief executive of a symphony orchestra in Muskegon, Mich.

We know what we’re supposed to do before bed to ensure a good night’s sleep: Set a fixed bedtime. Turn off our screens. Create a relaxing routine before bed.

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