Scar Tissue Massage, Injuries with Scar Tissue, Santa Barbara, Goleta

Scar tissue occurs when collagen fibers form over an injury during the healing process. … Massage therapy can help to reduce scar appearance and formation. By increasing blood circulation, massage therapists say massage speeds the healing process and prevents the scar from re-opening by remaining pliable.

Can deep tissue massage get rid of scar tissue?

Massage therapy techniques for scars. Fortunately, myofascial massage techniques can help by breaking down the scar tissue, making the injured tissue more flexible and releasing tension in the area. … Deep tissue massage therapy is also a successful technique for helping with pain associated with scar tissue.

Is it good to massage scar tissue?

If you have developed scar tissue after an injury or surgery, your physical therapist may perform scar massage on the injured tissue in order to help with the remodeling process. ... Massaging a scar that is not fully healed can cause damage to the developing scar tissue which can delay healing.

How long does scar tissue take to heal?

In general, your scar should be completely closed and healed before using kinesiology tape to manage the scar tissue. Full healing of soft tissue and surgical incision usually does not occur until four to six weeks after your surgery or injury.

Scars are areas of fibrous tissue that have replaced normal skin, or other tissue, after injury. A scar results from the biologic process of wound repair (protective, useful barrier) in the skin and other tissues of the body. Scar tissue is never as functional as the original tissue it has replaced. With the exception of very minor lesions, every wound (both internal and external) results in some degree of scarring.

Adhesions are bands of scar tissue that anchor and support the wound. It binds together all tissue it comes into contact with. Adhesions may be thought of as internal scar tissue. Although adhesions can occur anywhere, the most common locations are within the stomach, pelvis, and heart.


A popular scar therapy is using various massage techniques to reduce its appearance. According to the Institute for Integrative Healthcare, the earlier and more consistently scar tissue is exercised, massaged, and warmed, the less possibility of developing any long-term concerns. Below we’ll cover the benefits of massaging your scar as well as various techniques you can use to minimize scar visibility.  


After a cut, scrape, burn, or other trauma to the skin, scar tissue forms as the end result of the body’s natural wound healing process. This process is quite complex and involves several different types of cells and mediators that first work to stop the flow of blood, followed by regeneration of tissue to seal the wound. You’ve most likely noticed that about three to four days following an injury or surgery, a scab will form over the wound. According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, the key players in scabs are platelets (a type of blood cell) and fibrin (a protein). These substances stick together and form a blood clot on the skin. Typically after about ten days the scab will shrink and slough off as the body focuses on laying down collagen fibers to strengthen the recovering site of injury. This is the step when massaging the area can help to reduce scar appearance and formation. Livestrong explains that sometimes collagen fibers can grow in all directions, which causes scars to appear darker and more pronounced. Therefore, massaging your scar can help to break up these collagen fibers in order to minimize its visibility.

Scar Tissue Massage, Injuries with Scar Tissue, Santa Barbara, Goleta
Scar Tissue Massage, Injuries with Scar Tissue, Santa Barbara, Goleta


Massaging your scar also increases blood circulation, which can speed the healing process as well as maintain pliability to prevent the scar from re-opening. Furthermore, promoting blood flow is important to prevent long-term complications caused by scar tissue formation. Since scar tissue is composed primarily of collagen and therefore has a high fibrosity, adequate circulation to the area can become restricted. The lack of blood flow and lymph drainage occurring in scar tissue can result in abnormal stress on the scar and its surrounding structures. This can lead to complications such as:

  • Nerve impingement
  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Limited range of motion and flexibility
  • Postural misalignment
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Tissue hypoxia
  • An increase in potential for future injury

Thus, massaging your scar will not only improve its outward appearance but will also prevent long-term complications that can impair the function of the scarred area.

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Scar Tissue Massage, Injuries with Scar Tissue, Santa Barbara, Goleta- trigger point therapy santa barbara ca
Scar Tissue Massage, Injuries with Scar Tissue, Santa Barbara, Goleta – trigger point therapy santa barbara ca

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