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All American Ninja Warriors are welcome at Riktr Pro Massage.

Pro Massage offers a sliding scale to low-income clients, students or low-income seniors.

My Client X, a sixth-degree black belt kung fu master, got me into American Ninja Warrior and I love it and watch the show every week. I love the show and the hosts, all the stories about the Ninjas, all the new and different obstacles and the fact that the playing field is equal to all the ninja competitors.

American Ninja Warrior executive producer Kent Weed told Racked that it’s a show that sparks interaction among viewers. “They say, ‘I can do that, or I can do it better, why did they fall?’” he said. “I see a lot of people talking back to the TV.”

He has a theory about why the show is so popular. “It has a broad audience because it is something that touches us in a childlike manner, in a place where we all were young and used to jump off of jungle gyms and build little forts on the couch and jump from couch to couch.”












The demographics in the gym definitely skew towards dudes, but that’s changing. Ever since phenom Kacy Catanzaro became made history on the show, Weed says the number of women applying to be on American Ninja Warrior keeps growing. “Once Kacy Catanzaro broke through the ceiling in season six and completed not only a qualifying course but a finals course, she just opened the door for women to see that they can do it. We definitely had a bigger increase [of women applicants] this year and expect even more,” he said. “You see a lot more women in the gyms now, especially ninja-type gyms, which is a good sign for what’s ahead in the future.”








No doubt, this kind of training puts you in insane shape. It’s not enough to just be strong or have amazing endurance or grip strength or balance. You have to have all of those things to be able to run the obstacle course.

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